Tumate 1.0a

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    Windows ME

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Download MP3 audio files and organize them into albums"

Tumate allows you to download files in MP3 format through any P2P client (Peer-to-Peer), organizing a posteriori all the audios obtained to shape a music album. The manager is also responsible for correcting ID3 tags that have an error and add new data to them automatically.

Any MP3 of any bitrate is downloadable with Tumate regardless of the P2P client you usually use, as it is integrated into all of them to facilitate the obtaining of audios and their subsequent management. Downloads take place based on priorities set by you.

Before proceeding to organize the corresponding album, the software offers you the possibility of changing the name of the files, as well as entering more information in the ID3 tags by accessing an online database for this purpose. It then allows you to generate playlists for the MP3 files you like best.

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